Publications: Selected Fields

These examples use the "manually selected fields" display type. This display type is appropriate for showcasing a smaller number of publications or displaying a list with key info about the publications that omits some of the bibliographic data.

Publications Grid

The following is a four-column grid display of publications, configured to show the following manually selected fields: Linked Title, Image, Authors, and Year of Publication. Pagination is set to four items per page. The advanced filters and search field are hidden. References are sorted by Year of Publication, but grouping by sort header is turned off. Expose sort options is toggled off.

The grid style is ideal for a manually curated list of publications with a cover image.

Additional display options

For manually selected fields in a Publication List block could include any of the following selected fields and theme corresponding style configurations:

Publications List Title Only

Grouped by year with View All link enabled, Style on.

Publications List Image Author Year

Sorted by author, Image aspect portrait, with no View All or Pagination, style on. 

Publications List All without Image

Grouped and sorted by type, with pagination, style outline on. 

Applied Filters: First Letter Of Title: O Reset



In just 1,337 words, the Declaration of Independence altered the course of history. Written in 1776, it is the most profound document in the history of government since the Magna Carta, signed nearly 800 years ago in 1215. Yet despite its paramount importance, the Declaration, curiously, is rarely read from start to finish―much less understood…