The Publications feature allows the creation and listing of highly-structured bibliographic references from a broad selection of reference types. Please refer to documentation for the Publications Content Type and the Publications List Block.

Note: All publications about artificial intelligence in these examples are fictional creations of an AI generator.

Publications: Citations List

These examples use the "list of citations" display type. A Citation Style Language (CSL) determines which fields are displayed and how they are formatted. The default CSL in Site Builder is Chicago Manual of Style, but more than a dozen CSLs are available.

Publications: CSL Comparison

These examples use the "list of citations" display type, but use different Citation Style Language (CSL) formats for comparison.

Publications: Selected Fields

These examples use the "manually selected fields" display type. This display type is appropriate for showcasing a smaller number of publications or displaying a list with key info about the publications that omits some of the bibliographic data.

Publications: Compact List

The Compact List row style for the Publications List block features smaller typography and a 2-column display option.