Use accordions to shorten pages and scan through topic headings.

Billboard Image

Prominently place a hero or large format image on your landing pages.

Billboard Slider

Prominently place hero images that slide on your homepage.

Billboard Video

Add interest and movement to your static landing page.

Content Slider

Display news, events, and pages on in a content slider.

Event Calendar

A traditional monthly calendar view of events.

External ICS Feed

Demonstration of the External ICS Feed block.

External RSS Feed

Demonstration of the External RSS Feed block.

Feature Block

Feature content anywhere on key pages with image and button.


Display a list of all glossary terms and their definitions on your site.


Embed Iframes to view content from other sources on your website.


Random display, captions, and image links.

Image Gallery

View demonstration of the Image Gallery Block.


Use lists to display your various types of content in a list or grid view.

Map Block

Add a location map to your pages.

Related Links and Documents

Display related links and documents combined anywhere on your page.

Social Links

Add social icons and links to your pages or website footer.

Text Block

Add simple text blocks to your page layout.